It is a common use case that you sometimes need to remove an added package from your application. The remove command allows you to easily remove a package from your application.


The remove command takes the package's name or URL as an argument. You can pass the ssh or https URL of the package to the remove command.

// Remove using a https URL
phpkg remove{owner}/{repo}
// Remove using a ssh URL
phpkg remove{owner}/{repo}.git

Alternatively, you can define an alias for a specific package using the alias command and then use the defined alias for removing the package.

phpkg alias package-alias{owner}/{repo}.git
phpkg remove package-alias

Note For more information about the alias command, please read this documentation.

When you run the remove command, the given package will be removed from your package's directory, phpkg.config.json file, and phpkg.config-lock.json file.

If you are not sure what path you used to add the package, you can always check the packages section in your phpkg.config.json file to see the path.


Let's assume we added the test-runner package from php-repos/test-runner. To remove the package from your application, you can run the following command:

phpkg remove

Using an alias for the package can make it easier:

phpkg alias test-runner
phpkg remove test-runner