Packages may be updated over time, introducing newer versions. When you need to update a package in your application, you can use the update command to easily update to a specific version or the latest version.


To update a package to its latest version, simply run the update command and pass the package's git URL:

phpkg update{owner}/{repo}.git

You can also specify a specific version to update to by passing the version tag to the update command:

phpkg update{owner}/{repo}.git --version={version-tag}

You may also define an alias for a package and use that alias to update the package:

phpkg alias my-package{owner}/{repo}.git
phpkg update my-package

Note For more information about the alias command, please read this documentation.


Assuming we have the test-runner package in our application, with the owner php-repos and repo name test-runner, we can update it to the latest version with the following command:

phpkg update

To update to a specific version, we can specify the version number:

phpkg update --version=v1.0.1

If you defined an alias for the package, then you can use the alias for updating the package. Let's assume we defined a test-runner alias for this package. Then you can run the following command:

phpkg update test-runner

For updating to a specific version:

phpkg update test-runner --version=v1.0.1