You can use the run command to run any phpkg package without installing it into any project. Just pass the git URL for your desired package and see the output on the console.


You need to pass the package's git URL to the run command. This command works with both, HTTPS and SSH git URL.

The run command downloads, installs, builds, and runs the given package's entry point.

phpkg run{OWNER}/{REPO}.git [entry-point]

Note If the given package has more than one entry point defined in its phpkg.config.json file, then you need to pass a second argument to specify which entry point you need to run. Otherwise, it uses the first entry point defined in the config file. See customization documents

As an example, you can run the Chuck Norris package that sends a request to the and shows the result on the output by running the following command:

phpkg run

You can also see your location's weather forecast in your terminal by running the following command:

phpkg run

It's worth noting that the run command will install the package in a temporary location, and it will be removed after restarting your OS. Also, it will not add the package to your phpkg.config.json file, so it will not be available for future use in your application.